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Make one function for all the states


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Hi all, so i'm new in phaser, i've started learning it by making a project, so i have a problem :


I have more than one level for example 10 levels each one has it's own state, so the problem i don't want to make every time the same update function and other functions for every state.


So is there any way to make one function for all the 10 state ?


And thank's :)

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I had the same problem and did also choose the inheritance method.

Here's some code that could help:


The main Level "class" all Levels inherit from:




There i got some "parentCreate" and "parentUpdate" etc. function which are called by the child Level classes e.g.



Here you see e.g. in line 21

BasicGame.Level_2.prototype.update = function () {  this.parentUpdate();

and after the update, all other functions for this specific level are called


hope this helps :)

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