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Cannot get accelerometer callbacks to work in Android


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Hi -


I've just written my first android game using the accelerometer. But it does not work. To be precise the callbacks in the following statement never get executed:


 this.watchID = navigator.accelerometer.watchAcceleration(this.onSuccess, this.onFailure, options);


I can trace the code into this statement and the statement executes without error, returning a valid watchID. However, the onSuccess and onFailure methods never get called. It's like my phone has no accelerometer or the accelerometer has been disabled.


I am using the cordova command-line tools.


I thought this was something to do with my code, so I created a new cordova project and used the example accelerometer code.


What I found was that in the emulator the callback for onFailure was called. I presume this is correct as the emulator has no accelerometer. However, when I transferred the example app to my phone, no callback - success or failure - was ever called.


So I don't think my code is at fault. Perhaps it is something to do with my phone. It is a Nexus 4 and has just been upgraded to the latest Android (lollipop). The API level of the game is 19.


Do I have to do something to enable the accelerometer on my phone? There must be something major I'm missing since I get something from the emulator but nothing from the actual phone.


Thanks in advance for any help.







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