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UV coordinates to a generated mesh


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Hey folks!


I've been screwing around with this damn mountain side covering mesh all day. 

The last few (4+) hours were about getting it a bump mapped texture. I'm having problems with making up UV coordinates I assume.


I'm going around each side, and I'm pushing two vertices for each original vertex on the edge of the mountain, one for the top, and one for a bottom to cover the side, like so:

xLeft.push(x, y, z, x, -70, z);

Then I join them to a single array of positions like so, and try to make 2*UV coordinates for each pair of vertices (pair as in a top and a bottom one, like inserted before):

var wrappingPoints = xRight.concat(zTop, xLeft, zBottom);var wrappingUvs = [];var increment = 1 / wrappingPoints.length / 3 * 2;for (var i = 0; i < wrappingPoints.length / 3; i += 2) { wrappingUvs.push(  increment * i, wrappingPoints[3 * i + 1] / yMax, // x , y  increment * i,0  // x , y );}

I've been mixing up the orders of the Us and Vs, and trying to do all sorts of experiments, but for the sake of it, I cannot find what's wrong with this.


The thing that's visible on the image is that every second triangle of the mesh (1 tri / quad) has it's texture upside down.

So the coordinates I wanted to add for each pair of vertex were - (increment * i, wrappingPoints[3 * i + 1] / yMax) for the top and (increment * i,0) for the bottom one. 
What am I doing wrong here?


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