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Soundmanager mute on IE11


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Hi everyone,
I´ve been having issues with making the mute function working on IE11.
I have the game broken on multiple .js files and I make a simple check to see if the mute button was activated by the player at the start of each .js. But seems like it's working everywhere except in IE.


Looks like IE is ignoring the soundmanager and loading the sound files with the default volume of 1, that I specify when I play the sound.


I tried to use the volume property of the soundmanager and removing the optional volume property for each individual sound but still I'm getting problems when moving from mainmenu.js to the maingame.js and vice-versa, with IE playing and not playing sound in a different manner than specified by the mutebuttoncheck.


I've tried Phaser 2.1.3 and 2.2.1 (this one is giving me problems with the timer.stop() function and won't be able to use until I pinpoint why is giving me that trouble).


I know that IE still doesn't support webaudio so I don't know if that's the issue here. I´m using separate audio files for each audio.


Is there any special precaution needed in order to work with audio in IE?


Here is the test link I'm using (the game is in portuguese, so if you want to test, just mute the audio and press the first button):




And the condition for the mute audio:

if (mutebuttoncheck == true){            mutebutton.frame = 3;            _this.sound.mute = true;}else if (mutebuttoncheck == false){            mutebutton.frame = 2;            _this.sound.mute = false;}

Best Regards

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Hi guys,


Just a quick update:


For now I'm doing a check to see if the environment where the game plays supports web audio, and I'm removing all the audio except for the music and using the volume property of each sound to mute the audio.


I've updated the link with the new version.


It's a workaround but does the trick. I just wanted to know if the soundmanager just doesn't function properly for legacy audio or if there is another source for the problem.


Best regards

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