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How do you create a light at a point in space with no backdrop?


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I'm working on my project here: 



at the time of writing you should see there are some lights in the "atmosphere" of the planets, I'm trying to create a light at the blue spot, I want light to come from that spot by itself and not cast on anything else on the seen 


I've tried point lights but I can't see them directly, I can only see their affect on other objects in the scene, how do I get them to shine by themselves? 

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Hi arcanine.  Here's a working example with a few fun add-ons. 




.emissiveColor is a property on a StandardMaterial, so your lightsphere needed a StandardMaterial added to its .material property, and then THAT material is where you set an .emissiveColor.


Also note that... when using BABYLON.Color3( r, g, b ) ...  r, g, and b are values between 0 and 1, generally speaking.  A medium gray would look like this...


new BABYLON.Color3(.5, .5, .5);


There IS a way to use 0-255 values...


new BABYLON.Color3.FromInts(128, 128, 128);  (medium gray)


Hope this all helps.  Good luck.

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