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Horizontal sprite flipping reseting width


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I have am trying to flip a sprite using


sprite.scale.x = -1;


This works fine however because I have scaled the sprite previously (Just part of my game mechanics to have different sized enemies) it seems to set the width of the sprite to the origional width values of the image.


I was hoping someone could help me to fix this problem as I have been struggling with it.


Thanks in advance


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Use the random scale you selected for the particular monster, and turn that into a negative.


So if you're scaling a particular enemy to 2.5, you'll have to make it a -2.5.  I just set a scaleSetting variable for specific monsters, not random, so I end up with monster.scale.setTo(-scaleSetting, scaleSetting). 



Interesting when I flip an image like this:


image.scale.x *= 1;


then check the width


console.log(image.width);  // shows -511


It shows a negative width! Pretty sure that is incorrect behavior...



That's just how Phaser handles sprite rendering.  It basically translates to stretching the width out into negative coordinates based on your sprite being (0,0).  A positive width would be stretching out on the X axis into positive numbers.

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