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cocoonjs - adds/fasebook/in App purchases integration in to a game. Game is made


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I have been working on a few games, made in Phaser and then running with cocoonjs and working on Android phones/pads


I am more than happy with the games (still need some work on them)

What I am after is someone to get all the little bit of things working 100% they are

1) Facebook integration, right now everything works apart from getting a friends list that comes back as zero, despite friends being invited to be a developer for the app with in Facebook.

2) Adds with in the App, right now banners are working with a demo add, but full screen adds (interstitial) are not, but also not had time to look into it.

3) In App purchases working, not looked into this at all yet, just not had the time. Looks easy with in cocoonjs

As you can see I have a large part of things working and the main problems sorted just the little things to get right at the end, someone that has put a few Phaser/cocoonjs games/Apps together will find this easy I think, I am just short of time.

I like the code to be documented so I can easily add it into other games.

I am happy to pay someone a fee for this as long as nothing daft.


I love to get things running with the above for xmas as family are back from working abroad and love to show them, yet all my time is taken up with my day job right now (sweets and gifts, it is that time of year!)


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