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What does Mopub do exactly?


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Okay, here is a stupid question: what does Mopub do exactly?

At the moment, I already have an Admob account and 4 apps that use these banners which generates some revenue. Now I want to distribute my html5 game using CocoonJS and I want to put an adsbanners at the bottom. I understand that I need a Mopub account and I'm in the process of setting things up (btw this thread is very helpful, thanks  :)), only to find that I still need to fill in my Admob publisher key..? :wacko: I'm starting to realise that actually I don't really understand what Mopub does exactly.
So if Admob does this:
developer -----> users          [app]            ^            |            |[ads]            |          Admob

Then Mopub does this..?

developer -----> users          [app]            ^            |            |[ads]            |          Mopub              |              +- Admob              +- InMobi              +- etc.

Sorry if this sounds like a n00b question, but I can't help but feel that Mopub is just an extra middleman, an aggregator, wedging itself in between adservices and developers.


So my question is, why is this needed? And is it possible to use CocoonJS with just Admob?


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