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Game jerky despite FPS counter showing a steady 60 and CPU at <20%


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Hi there!


My game just will not scroll smoothly,


- despite the Chrome FPS counter showing 60 with no drops,

- despite the CPU not nearly being maxed out (none of the cores),

- despite the various profiling tools in Chrome not showing any frames taking over 16ms to calculate, nor any other suspicious happenings,

- with either canvas or webgl.


Sometimes it will be smooth for a second or two, and then it feels glorious, but eventually it goes back to slightly choppy and jerky :(


Am I missing anything here? 


What could the problem be?


Here's a link to the game, in case you'd like to try it out: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14053711/skedgy/index.html


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I get exactly the same thing (across most types of web content, not just Phaser games) and only in Chrome / Canary. I moaned about it on twitter and got a reply back from one of the Chrome team saying there are known quite serious vsync issues in Chrome that cause this, and they're being worked on.


So fingers crossed I guess.

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I should note that they've only just recently fixed a serious memleak problem which caused large Chrome memory usage when watching streams/videos or even canvas/webGL content.

This happened only in Chrome (M23, M24 and M38, M39) and it affected Phaser games as well.


The issue has been fixed since the latest minor update of Chrome M39, IIRC.

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