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check downDuration of a sprite


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Hello, I'm trying to trigger a function when a sprite is tapped and holded for 1sec.


For the moment, I just capture the x/y position of the pointer on the inputDown of the sprite, and check the position 1sec after that, with a boolean to check if the input has been released. It works fine, but it's a bit buggy, specially when you massively tap the sprite, so I'd like to do it better.


I've been trying the onHold function, but unfortunatelly this is not a sprite function but a 'game.input' function, so i'd have to iterate through all of my sprites if I want to check it, and as I have lots of sprites, it doesn't seem to me like the best answer.


So I found this 'sprite.downDurration' function, sounds simple and fancy, but I couldn't find out the way to get that working.

I've seen this post here, but It didn't help either, here's what I've tried:

console.log('Time: ' + sprite.input.downDuration().toFixed(0)); // Returns -1console.log('Time: ' + sprite.input.downDuration(this.game.input.activePointer)); // Crashesconsole.log('Time: ' + sprite.input.downDuration);// Returs " function (a){return a=all0, this._pointerData[a].isDown?this.game.time.time-this.pointerData[a].timeDown:-1;}

What am I missing? 


I've been searching in Phaser Examples but there isn't any example regarding holding an input or something like that.

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Did you put the sprite.input.downDuration() in your update function? I am currently using this and it works for me. 

var down = false;function update() {        if (down == false && sprite.input.downDuration()>=2000) {        // Do stuff        down = true;    }}
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