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Text Metrics before rendering


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I was wondering if there is a Pixi way to get the text metrics for a string before having to render it.  It looks like one has to do updateText() to get the width to be correct but doesn't this render?

Also, I looked at the PIXI.Text.prototype.updateText() method in the v2.0 pixi and it does the call to the canvas measureText().width to get the width after it sets the font into the context but before the styles are applied.  Is this ok or should the measureText() call come after the styles are applied to the context.  

Also, I see this.context.font set twice, once at the top of the method and then later after the test for isCocoonJS.  Is this correct?




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Personally, I am retreiving the context indeed, and get the metrics from there every time i update any text option that could affect its dimension (text itself, strokek thickness, ...).

Note: I have a some kind of GameObject wrapper, around any pixi object (DisplayObjectContainer, since it's the main parent of the pixi object structure) btw, as an abstraction layer for my games.

Example (ugly an not optimized):

var gameObjectText = new GameObject ("testText"),    pixiObjectContainer =gameObject.getPixiContainer();gameObject.size.width = pixiObjectContainer.context.measureText(pixiObjectContainer.text).width;gameObject.size.height = pixiObjectContainer.context.measureText(pixiObjectContainer.text).height;

I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but with this you are able to get the dimensions of the html5/canvas text before PIXI actually updates the width/height properties of the PIXI.Text object.

The problem i have now though, is that it seems not to retrieve the right amount of pixels, cause i am trying with this, to align a "one line text" (and PIXI doesn't allow it) but the positioning is always incorrect...

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