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How to fix this Default-568@2x in xCode (with cocoonJS)


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Hi there,

so I have this error when I´m trying to upload my game to the App Store with xCode (made with Phaser and exported with Ludei´s cocoonJS):


ERROR ITMS-9000 "This bundle is invalid. The icon file Default-568h@2x.png must be in .png format"


I also have the same error with Default-Landscape.png, Default-Portrait and Default.png.


Anyway, how can I fix this? It´s the first time that I use xCode and I´m pretty lost here :(


Thanks in advance.

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Hi BigRob154,

well, I didn´t explain my problem correctly, my bad, the problem is that I must include those pictures, but I don´t know where, I tried to drag and drop them in the project navigator and still the same error.


My problem is "how to add those images properly" to the project.


Thanks for your answer.

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So, I dropped these files into the xcode editor and voilá, app uploaded to the App Store... and a few minutes later Apple told me that there was an error uploading my file so I must do it again, and exactly the same project, with the same settings (I didn´t do anything with the computer) is not working again.


Please, someone that published a game, made with Phaser and compiled with cocoonjs, can explain me how to include these pictures in the project? Also, if you have this set, can you send me them, please just to try if they work with my xCode? This is sooooo weird.


Please, I do need help, I have been trying to fix this for the last weeks and it´s driving me crazy, fucking hell, it´s just to include the splash screen... wtf is going on here?




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I haven't uploaded my cocoonjs app to Apple but I have worked with XCode apps, so I know this can be sooo frustrating. Apple basically just says "WRONG! do it again" and you're left on your own to try to find the problem and fix it. I've found that searching for answers on stackoverflow is very helpful for most problems, but I saw that you already posted your question there. The only thing to do is to systematically check the possible causes.


The Default-568h@2x.png image is for supporting the iPhone 5 device (4 inch retina display), so is it possible to test it on a real device or in the simulator set to iPhone5? If so, do the icon and splash screen images appear? You say you use XCode 6, I haven't worked with that version but I think there are some short instructions on adding launch images over here. Also check if the names are correct, I think it could be case sensitive. If the name and resolution of the PNG files is correct and you've added them to the project, then maybe they are corrupted or just a slightly different fileformat that Apple can't read for some reason (see here). Which graphical editor did you use to create the PNG files?


Also this might unrelated but just a tip; always clean and rebuild the project in XCode after adding images and other resources. At least the XCode v4.5 I've worked with sometimes keeps old resource files in the cache, and it ends up including the incorrect older files instead of the newer updated ones. You could test this by changing something in the .png image, like a different color font, and then test run the app, just to verify that it's using the updated files. Maybe Apple finally fixed this bug in Xcode 6(?), but it never hurts to clean your project often after adding new or updated resource files.

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Thanks for your answer BdR,


I tried the app in a device connected to the MacBook and it works perfectly, I can play my game perfectly :) Also, the splashscreen appears too.


Those instructions are not valid for XCode6, at least I didn´t find that screen :)


I copied and pasted the names, checked the extensions, I created and added the images several times (different images) and I use Photoshop CS6, nothing weird...


I´ll try that cleaning thing, it´s the only one I didn´t try.


Thanks mate, I´ll let you know something as soon as I try that.

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