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GM: Studio font issues


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Hello. I am having some issues with fonts ever since I updated to 1.4.


First of all, all of the fonts look bad, is like some sort of anti-alias + pixel interpolation + high quality wannabe thing is going on. So I get horrible semi- transparent lines all over my fonts. All I want is for my fonts to look exactly the way I made them, no anti alias or anything added. i got everything off including pixel interpolation.


Then there is the new high quality "option". Its really not an option, at least not for me, if I un-check it then I can't exit the font editor by pressing ok. If I close the font editor then the option stays unchecked but the fonts wont show on the game at all.


Finally i went ahead and made a sprite font and problem solved......in windows.....if i test on HTML5 then the fonts wont behave properly. They do not obey alignment settings and all of the text appears on a single line. Using # or draw_text_ext() gave the same result.


Anyone here getting the same thing? How am I supposed to solve this? I am about to just go back to 1.3. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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well i havent updated to 1.4 yet. I knew there was gona be some shit or the other which would be broken in new version. Its better to go back to 1.3 i think and you should file a bug report too.

How is the performance in 1.4 i head they improved performance for html5 games there.

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I'm using 1.4 (EA, actually) and the performance was really improved in non-webgl games, especially if you organize carefully your texture-pages.

About the fonts, I had a problem with a old font that didn't want to render special characters, but all I did to solve the problem was choose another font. No render problems in HTML5. In fact, "high quality" checkbox works nice for me.

Have you tried EA version?

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I made a new font and with both anti alias and high quality on it doesn't look that bad. However the high quality is supposed to have a bit of an impact on your performance so I'm not quiet happy about it.


I really don't want to go back to 1.3 because it had even more issues for me. If opening up the app was bad closing it was even worse. I usually had to kill the process on the task manager. It also automatically put my backgrounds and fonts on a separate texture page which I disliked very much.


I think I'm going to try the EA. I am bit reluctant because sometimes updates cause my GM to not want to test on HTML5 anymore.


I am going to do the bug report and probably just get a new PC or something, this old windows xp machine is really starting to bug too much.


Thank you guys for the suggestions. 

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lol you should get a new pc if you are on xp. You can build a nice gaming one with price of 2 non exclusives.


I have 2 versions of game installed. One is the version of the game which is 1 before current.

Other is the steam version where i have Beta version installed.


This way i can use both as and when required without redownloading everything again and again.

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I don't care much about gaming, but yeah, you are probably right. a friend might be selling a decent one for cheap soon so i'm looking into that.


Had to go back to 1.3 for now and made the bug report too. Thanks again for the replies and suggestions.

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