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Sprite object re-init for Pooling


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I am in the process of bolting PixiJS onto an existing JS game engine. 


Currently the engine uses object pooling comprehensively for all components and game entities, and I was planning on having the engine's Sprite component contain a PIXI.js sprite that is used during rendering.


My main question is this: What is the proper way to go about "re-initializing" A PixiJS sprite if I were to pool them? Are theres some general pooling strategies that I should use (e.g, only re-use Sprite objects if the Texture is going to be the same, make sure to reset some underlying cached state... etc).


I know I'll have to (re)set the position, rotation, etc properties, but was wondering if there are some larger caveats I need to be aware of.


I am only using the WebGL renderer and not making any use of interactivity, if it matters.

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