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Disable camera zooming for specific group


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Hi everyone!

I have the following problem.

I have several groups in my game: backgrounds, foregrounds, game objects, etc..

One of those groups is GUI group.

When the camera is zooming all the groups are zooming too.

Is there a way not to zoom this specific (GUI) group on camera zooming?

I tried to set fixedToCamera property, but it doesn't seem to consider zooming.


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The way I'd do this is to create two separate groups at the root of the display list, one for the UI and another for everything else which would scale/zoom, and then only scale the second group to produce the zoom effect. This way, because the UI group separate from the other group, it won't move or scale when the other does.

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Just to elaborate, this means you're scaling the group, not the camera - this will unfortunately introduce more work as you'll have to replicate the effects of the camera with a moving and scaling group... I think probably it may be easier in your case actually to take a look at what happens inside Phaser when you set fixedToCamera to true, and try to add in the scaling fix.

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