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Creating a group of smart objects ?


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Hey all !


So i've been trying to make my main.js file more compact by making a class for each of the game elements ( Player, moving platform,..) and now i want to do the same with my Enemies, only problem is that i used to generate dumb enemies at random locations and add them to a group in order to have group features ( like, killOutOfBounds ).


Something like this...

var enemies ;var enemyTimer;create:function(){enemies = this.add.group();enemies.enableBody = true;enemies.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE;enemies.setAll('outOfBoundsKill', true);enemies.setAll('checkWorldBounds', true);..........function spawnEnemy (){var enemy = enemies.create(this.world.width - 50,Math.random() * (this.world.height/2), 'enemy'); }......enemy.body.velocity.x = Math.random()*(-speedMax+speedMin) - speedMin ;}enemyTimer = this.game.time.create(false);enemyTimer.loop(1000, spawnEnemy, this); 

Now i want to do the same but the enemies generated needed to have some encapsulated AI in their own class.

i.e i want to make a group of OBJECTS not SPRITES.


How do i do that ?



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I tried it, it gave no errors but the sprite did not show up ! Here's me Enemy class !

/** * Created by mahmoud.ali on 12/17/2014. */function Enemy(game,spriteTag,x,y) {    // Initialize Player    Phaser.Sprite.call(this,game,x,y,spriteTag);    // game.physics.arcade.enable(this);    // Create Bullet group for Enemy}Enemy.prototype.constructor = Enemy;Enemy.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype);

and here's my main state 

/** * Created by mahmoud.ali on 12/17/2014. */// ====== MAIN GAME VARIABLES ====={    var pixos;    var ship;    var enemies;  // ENEMY GROUP    var energyCapsules;  // ENERGY_CAPS GROUP    var cursors;    // Capture arrow events    var onPlatform = true;    var floating = false;    var enemyTimer;    var energyTimer;    var speedMax = 100;   // SPAWNED Enemy X Speed MAX, MIN    var speedMin = 50;    myTrialGame.Game_Slim = function(game){};}myTrialGame.Game_Slim.prototype = {    create:function(){        this.add.plugin(Phaser.Plugin.Debug);        // INITIALIZE CONTROLLABLE ELEMENTS : THIS SHOULD NOT BE HARDWIRED !!!        {            ship = new Platform(this, 'platform', 0, 0);            pixos = new Avatar(this, 'pixos', 0, 0);            ship.avatarSprite.x = ship.avatarSprite.width / 2;            ship.avatarSprite.y = this.world.height - 2 * ship.avatarSprite.height;            pixos.avatarSprite.x = ship.avatarSprite.x + ship.avatarSprite.width / 2 - pixos.avatarSprite.width / 2;            pixos.avatarSprite.y = ship.avatarSprite.y - pixos.avatarSprite.height;        }        // STATE WALKING INITIALIZE        var enemy = new Enemy(this,'bullet',100,100);        // SPAWN ENERGY CAPS        //    },    update:function(){    }};


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Yes i figured that out, totally forgot it  :huh:

Thanks a lot though.


I feel excited that my main game code is really getting more compact and my ideas are much more applicable now that my code is more OOP-like :)

Ready for this weekend project !  B)


So, if i am not mistaken, this is basically building a classical model over the prototypical one, right ?

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