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Sprite Objects and Arrays


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Hi guys! I am having an issue with Sprite objects and arrays, and I bet there is a Phaser-fied way to do what I need, probably using groups, but I don't know what it is (maybe it's just "use groups, duh"):


I am making a sample Final Fantasy-like RPG engine, with the following files/objects:


Game - Defines player characters, etc.

Play (state) - Defines the over world

Battle (state) - Defines the Final Fantasy-esque battle screen, this is where I create enemies


Here is my issue, I create the players in Game - game.player. I create the enemies in Battle - battle.enemy. To make working with them easier, I add them to javascript arrays inside Battle. I have a players array, and an enemies array. But when I attempt to set players.health, it does not update the game.player health, as I would have expected.


I suspect I should be adding them to groups or something, but I am unsure.


Any help would be awesome, thanks!



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If this doesn't work, let me know, and I can try and put it up somewhere else. Here is the link to the sample game:  http://shawnmann.com/games/samplerpg/


Links to the files:


To get to the relevant part in the game, go touch the door to get to the battle scene, then click "Attack" twice with the console open (that will complete a "round" of combat). You can see the health printouts in the console.


If that's too much, I can try and replicate it in a simpler project, which might also lead me to a solution. Additionally, I know there is a bunch of superfluous code in the battle.js - most of it are attempts to solve this.

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you are actually hitting testAlly not player.. as game_ids are increasing .. so first actor has - gameID = 1..
and first actor you have created is testAlly

sometimes - I find easier to debug with getters / setters - like in your case it would be somthing like that:

var ActorStats = function(actor, health, mana, speed){    this.actor = actor;    this.health = health;    this.mana = mana;    this.speed = speed;};ActorStats.prototype = {    _health: 0,    mana: 0,    speed: 0,    get health(){        return this._health;    },    set health(val){        console.log("Actor with gameID",this.actor.gameID, "got hit by ",(this._health - val));        this._health = val;    }};Actor = function (isEnemy, health, mana, speed) {    this.stats = new ActorStats(this, health, mana, speed);/// rest code here

hope I could help you :)

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