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Sprites duplicated when dragging to new position on Android


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We have just started using Pixi.js and are noticing some visual artefacts in Android.


We are building a game, much like chess, where a user starts of with some pieces and drags them to a board layout.  the starting position for the pieces is at the bottom of the UI away from the board.


The problem is that when the sprites are dragged from their starting position to the board we still see a representation of that sprite in its original position in the UI.


This is only happening on Android and we are using web technologies with Phonegap for the build.


It is proving really hard to fix and/or debug due to the nature of the build process and it is fine on web and iOS also.


Any pointers would be well received :)


I have done some more testing i do not believe the sprites to be actually duplicated, I used the following code to check that they were the only sprites present on the board:

	PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.prototype.contains = function(child)	{	    return (this.children.indexOf( child ) !== -1);	}
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