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Gyroscope Tracking Issue


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I am trying to make a tilt based game and hence trying to use the gyro tracking function. I cannot understand why this code will not work?


I apologise for the indentation, it did not copy well in here.


Any help would be very appreciated as it is stressing me out :(



var gyroa = 0, gyrob = 0, gyrog = 0;


myGame.Test2 = function(game1) {

    game = game1;


    myGame.Test2.prototype = {


        create: function() {



            gyro.startTracking(function(o) {


                gyroa = o.alpha;

                gyrob = o.beta;

                gyrog = o.gamma;




            game.stage.backgroundColor = '#90EE90';


            this.ball = this.add.sprite(230,200, 'ball');





this.ball.body.bounce.setTo(0.3, 0.3);

this.ball.body.linearDamping = 1;

this.ball.body.collideWorldBounds = true;









       var collision =  game.physics.arcade.collide(this.ball, this.walls);


        this.handleOrientation(gyrog, gyrob);




        handleOrientation: function(xgyrog, ygyrob) {

         xgyrog = gyrog;

        ygyrob = gyrob;

       var x = xgyrog; // range [-90,90]

         var y = ygyrob;  // range [-180,180]

         this.ball.body.velocity.x += x/4;

         this.ball.body.velocity.y += y*5;




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Does it work if you remove physics from the equation? I.e. just dump out the x and y values from the callback, are they populated with anything? If so, what sort of values do they contain? I would suspect they'd be tiny, maybe even zero based, but have never used a gyro so no idea.

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