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MHX 2, anyone tried it yet?


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I have taken a break from the voice-sync dev I was doing, and starting to frame the actual application I have wanted to do.  Was waiting for MH 1.2, which I thought I needed.


Looks like MHX 2 has been spin out from the main project, and has been re-architected.  Are there people that have done anything with this?



One of the things that sounds interesting with MHX 2, is that it not Blender dependent, only Python.  That could mean there might a way to get to from MH to Babylon directly from MHX 2, without going thru Blender or some other intermediary.  Now if I was doing this, I would generate in-line Typescript, creating sub-classes of a MORPH.MakeHuman class in this hierarchy:


- YourExportedMeshClassName

- MORPH.MakeHuman (not sure what this is, but can make the exported Mesh class smaller through the use of pre-written methods)

- MORPH.Mesh


- BABYLON.AstractMesh



Someone else could also possibly shoehorn it into a .babylon, but you might as well just run it through Blender if you all you get is a BABYLON.Mesh.  I am not especially keen to do this, but I have had a lot of problems getting the Blender exporter variant, Tower of Babel, to export Shapekeys consistently.  Not sure MHX 2 even makes Blender facial shapekeys, which bolster the direct route.


Anyone with ideas, or want to work on this?

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