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Cordova issues


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Hi everyone,


This isn't strictly a phaser or cordova issue but I was wondering, anyone here who have published a HTML5 game to android using cordova or something similar how has the performance been? The game I have been working on recently is very sluggish once it is running on an android device. I have spent hours researching and it is apparently a bug in the webview on android, which cocoonjs appearenly fixes with its webview+ but that had the same affect. I tested my game which just has simple tweens and some maths on a Galaxy S3 Mini which isn't the most performant of devices and so I tested it on my Dad's LG G3 and the exact same affect was there it wasn't faster or slower the same low frame rate.


I was just wondering if there is anyone who has had this issue as well and has maybe found a solution?


Edit: should change the title but don't know how :(

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