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Need help with a memory game, 24h for deadline :(


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I'm new to phaser framework, I did some tutorials but these were very basic and do not go towards the game I have to make for a course. I was looking for any help which can help me finish it. I just been able to put some images on screen and add a counter by click on them.


Word Memory game


Level 1 – A group of words(images) appears for 10 seconds, they then disappear and are replace by another group of words, from this new group of words the player has to identify which of these words are from the last. Input is done by clicking and there is a countdown timer of 1:50minutes+10seconds(memorize)


Level 2 & Level 3 – Basically the same but with just more words and less time.



My question is:


How can I add an array of ImagesID. Make a random  of the total of ImagesIDs save the order. And then create/put the images according to the selected order of IDs on screen.


I come from php+mysql, C and CSS, I done some JS in the past but never to the point of getting really confortable with it. So if you can please show me some code examples that help with solving this problems.


Many Thanks,


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