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  1. Hi, I'm new with Phaser, I'm wondering how can I create a group of enemies that appears at the side of the screen in a random Y position between 550px and 745 px, after they appear they need to start to fire to my character Right now I have a function to create the bullets and how they will be fired: createBullets:function(laserToFire,track,offsetX, offsetY, bulletDirection,fireRate,bulletSpeed){ weapon = gameSP.add.weapon(10, laserToFire); weapon.bulletKillType = Phaser.Weapon.KILL_WORLD_BOUNDS; weapon.bulletSpeed = bulletSpeed; weapon.fireRate =
  2. I notice that there's a setTextureArray method, but I don't see any corresponding methods for vec2s, vec3s, etc. As an example, if I want something like: (Typescript) const offsets: Vector2[] = [ new Vector2(1, 1), new Vector2(2, 1), new Vector2(3, 1), new Vector2(4, 1), ] And I want to be able to use this in my shader, like this: (GLSL) uniform offsets vec2[4]; for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { vec3 tex = texture2D(sampler, uv * offsets[i]); // do something awesome here } I don't see any easy way to do it. Any clues?
  3. Hey everyone, I've just started working with Babylon.js and I have a question. I've got a double array filled with 1 & 0 and I want it tranformed to 3d. 1 being blocks and 0 spaces. I did it this way: var sizeFactor = 0.2; for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { for (var j = 0; j < array[0].length; j++) { if (array[i][j] === 1) { var box = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox('box', {height: sizeFactor, width: sizeFactor, depth: sizeFactor}, scene); box.position.x = i * sizeFactor; box.position.y = 0; box.position.z = j * sizeFact
  4. Hello, I'm able to attach spatial audio to an object in my scene. But as I'm now creating many objects and pushing them to an array, I cannot assign the audio to the mesh in the array. Here's the basic code: for (let b = 0; b <= 20; b++) { boxRotArray = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox("box_rot" + b, {size:0.1}, scene); } const bgm = new BABYLON.Sound('backgroundMusic', './Demos/sounds/WubbaWubbaSound.mp3', scene, null, { spatial: true, maxDistance: 20, loop: true, autoplay: true }); bgm.attachToMesh(boxRotArray[0]); I'v
  5. hi, I have a gameProgress (e) where each position in my array are stars (1,2) or blocked levels (-1) I want to count the position of the blocked level so i use this ; var e=[1,2,1,1,-1]; var n = 0; while (e[n] < 0) { n++; var position=n; } console.log(position); // expected output: 4 and result is 3 ??? but the result is not 4 => e=[1,2,1,1,-1] could you tell me why ?
  6. I have an array of items (stored as strings) I am displaying on screen as sprites, in an inventory. I want to update my array when an item is removed from my inventory, so I want to write a function that resets the x position of the objects. I can log out the right object and the right index value, but I can't seem to set the position of the object using this function. Any ideas ? example: inventory('key', 'rock', 'sword', 'note'); resetSlots: function() { //for every item in inventory, slot position is index number. inventory.forEach(function(item, index){ i
  7. (posted in phaser 3 instead of the phaser forum by mistake) Hi I'm hoping someone can hep me, I'm trying to create basic map using an array with 2 different images, one is a wall, the other is a floor. I've created twp groups but when i use this.game.physics.arcade.collide(this.player, this.blocks, null, this.hitBlock, this); I've used the collide function before on other games with no issues - this is my first time using a 2d array but I can't see where the issue is happening code below : cursor controls to move link example :http://html5gamer.mobi/projects/
  8. Hi. I'm new at programming and Phaser and i need a bit of help. Im having array of sprites, and i need to set each one of the elements on different position on my game. Can you tell me how can i do that with some short example pls?
  9. Hello everyone, I've been working on a game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic and Final Fantasy-esque and I wanted to turn it into a browser game. Everything's been going well until I hit a bump in the road. I thought it would have been smart and easier to put all the sprites of the creatures in an array but doing so only let me use one sprite at a time so if the fight was between 4 Halberdiers and 4 Skeletons then they would on both sides only have 1 sprite. The stats for all the creatures are in a database and so far worked fine. var chosensprite =[]; chosensprite[1]=gam
  10. Hi .i made a simple pixi app which tries to simulate spring forces but can't make it work properly . I've patched PIXI.ObservablePoint Object.assign(PIXI.ObservablePoint.prototype, { add: function(o) { this.set(this.x += o.x, this.y += o.y); }, radd: function(o) { return new PIXI.ObservablePoint(test, window, this.x + o.x, this.y + o.y);//test is a useless callback function that do nothing . }, sub: function(o) { this.set(this.x -= o.x, this.y -= o.y); }, rsub: function(o) { return new PIXI.ObservablePoint(test, window,
  11. I'm working on a small card game and I'd like to make an array of sprites to make the code more readable. What I mean is I have hearts,spades,clubs and diamonds and I'd like each to be its own array when I load my images from my assets. Below is similar to what I have: PIXI.Loader .add("hearts10","hearts10.png") .add("hearts9","hearts9.png") ... .load(start) I'd like to be able to access the cards via an array of arrays, sort of like: var current_card = new Sprite(resources.cards.hearts.10.texture);
  12. hi, i have two object hero and enemy. My hero is an array with 3 player. when my hero collide with the enemy i would invoke the function : "hero.explode". My snippet is below. the problem is with the function createBodyCallback, i have two problem. the function this.hero.explode works before the collision...and my hero don't touch the enemy....why ? i cant access the body2.otherfunction() because the callback is in fact this.hero.player.body.otherfunction so i have an error. could you help me for these 2 points ? thanks. character = function(){
  13. Hello Pixi Developers and Users I would like first to present myself as a newcomer on the forum Im the developer of Sprite Basic Compiler Game Engine (https://spritebasic.com) It is cloud-based game framework with Basic Scripts tha uses PixiJS as web gl renderer as long as PhysicsJS as physic engine and other librairies needed to create games like the great Kittykatattack libraries For a demo and future game i wish to write, i would like to create a tilingsprite, for an endless scrolling background, made of an array of textures What would be the best strategy to concatenate
  14. Hi, I'm new on Phaser and my english isn't perfect, so i'll try to be careful. I made a 2D mini game like that : (see screenshot). What I need is to move my character on right click. - I handeled my right click (so it's ok). - I have in an array the path I need the character to use (ex : [[0.0],[0.1],[0.2],[0.3],[0.4],[0.5]]). My character have got a speed (equals to 1) and I need my character to move from the first point to the last of my array by passing by the others ... like a unit in Warcraft 3, League of legend, etc. Do you know how i can do that please
  15. Hi I have come to a dead in, I have attempted various research on platforms such as google, YouTube and Lynda however to no avail. I have used TexturePacker to create a spritesheet assiociated with JsonArray so that I can incorporate animations within my project however I am met with this Index error which is assiociated with the first line of code: this.sprite.animations.add('walk', Phaser.Animation.generateFrameNames('Slide', 1, 10), 10, true, false); this.sprite.animations.play('walk'); I have preloaded the required JsonArray and Image path within the preloader by doing the fo
  16. Hi, I have 4 sprite2D buttons in an array. They are the only visible sprites on a canvas, but not the only one (several with opacity 0). If I dispose of 3 among the 4 everything is fine. elements2D.levelButtons[0].dispose(); elements2D.levelButtons[1].dispose(); // elements2D.levelButtons[2].dispose(); elements2D.levelButtons[3].dispose(); But if I dispose of all of them webGL throws a warning on a couple of render() - i'd say around 100 engine.render(). During those render any call to add primitives is not taken into account, resulting in a slight delay. Then, without any rea
  17. I am trying to create a fragment shader via a PIXI.AbstractFilter to create a wave rippling effect to be applied to a background texture. I have already worked out the algorithm for the wave effect in JavaScript. What I am having difficulty doing is getting the data I need into the shader through PIXI. For my effect to work, I need to have a large Float32Array to keep track of wave heights and a texture containing the original, unaltered contents of the background image to read from in order to apply the effect of pixel displacement (light refraction). I've been doing a lot of searching a
  18. Is it possible to use Phaser's QuadTree without enabling the physics system? I don't really need Physics I just want to check if mouse is over a specific tile of a large matrix. I have a matrix of sprites and it can grow or shrink. Roughly it can have from 70 up to 1500 tiles. I can use nested "for" cycle to visit each sprite tile and check if mouse cursor is over it but this check happens mostly each update cycle which means 60 frames per second times 1500 checks, that is 90000 checks in the worst case every single second. Quad Tree uses adjacency tiles to find if mouse is over
  19. I am creating a Bejeweled game using Emanuele Feronato's awesome prototype; Match 3 Bejeweled HTML5 prototype made with Phaser – detecting combos. I created my own grayscale graphics in Photoshop, made them a little bigger, increased the grid size of the game, and used some code from his HTML5 Dungeon Raid tile engine made with Phaser – Part 4 tutorial to make the game scalable. I used Phaser's sprite tint property to color my jewels. They look awesome all randomly colored like that, but it is difficult to make matches on just shape alone. How would you tint specific frames a certain colo
  20. I would like to create an array of colors in my shader code. What is the correct way to do this. Apparently you can't code this directly into the shader, but doing it via uniforms is supposed to work. The following code I have returns this error message in the console: Pixi.js Shader Warning: Unknown uniform type: undefined This is my shader code: precision mediump float; uniform vec3 cols[127]; uniform float screenHeight; uniform float screenWidth; void main(){ //Not implemented yet gl_FragColor =vec4(1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0); } And my JS code which is supposed to set up th
  21. hi, I want to have an external file with some parameters and after use it to draw my elements. The problem is that my value number.radius don't work in my circle...what i'm going wrong ? My index.html is good and inform the correct order ...parameters.js ...main.js //PARAMETERS.js var number=[] number.radius=100 alert(number.radius) // i got effectively the result 100 //MAIN.js var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, 'phaser-example', { create: create }); function create() { var graphics = game.add.graphics(0, 0); graphics.beginFill(0xFF0000, 1); graphics.draw
  22. Hello I kind of stuck to read any data of pixels from the engine My goal is to read and set pixels from textures, just a little hint is probably enough. Thank you all for your time The playground: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1I5MDT#2 i think i looking for this, but i cant get it to work: Best
  23. espace

    moving a grid

    Hi, I have the file background.js (below) and in use it to draw some elements of my background. The problem is with my grid. My grid is correctly drawing in my stage but i can't move his position. By default the origin is (0,0). i put grid.x=400 but it's still to x=0. How do you move it ? I try also to build my grid with the prototype function but i don't know do it... //background.js //e for background function draw(e,game,nameA,posx,posy,wi,he,color,valueAlpha) { var e=game.add.sprite(0,0,nameA); e.x=posx; e.y=posy; e.width=wi; e.height=he; e.tint=colo
  24. Hi there. So currently I have a single player open world game which I am in the process of developing multiplayer for. The current system of map gen is local, and done through a bunch of arrays lol. I chose this route LONG ago, and I know it wasn't the best option, but it was easier for me to throw this together than to learn how to used tiled and object layers etc. Using arrays seemed easier to me because I understood how I can respawn/kill dead objects from the array instead of having to learn tiled's object layer stuff. Anyway, my current system is as follows: At the top of my game bas
  25. Hello, I need to set a bunch of textures array in my shaders, is there a simple way to achieve that in babylon js or should I use something like here => http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19592850/how-to-bind-an-array-of-textures-to-a-webgl-shader-uniform Cheers
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