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Flash-like editor for creating pixi applications


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I am currently developing graphical editor for positioning element which will be able to export data to pixi.js, hopefully later animations will be supported. 

Currently it is in early stages but it is my bachelor thesis, so I am really prepared to finish at least basic version. :) I would like to hear some opinions about that.

Basic idea is that it is really faster and more fun to design thins in graphical way that code every single "x" and "y" position, nesting of elements etc. Myself I was developing some pixi.js game (screenshot - https://www.diigo.com/item/image/4ef5o/62he?size=o ) and realized that I would love to have someting like that.


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Thank you for response, I want it to be modular, so it can export to various 2D renderers. Do you know some suggestions that you would like to have in that kind of editor?


For me, main features are:

- placing sprites on stage

- grouping together

- setting parameters (e.g. x and y)

- linking object with "js classes" (so I can link button sprite with class Button implementing behavior)

- aligning (e.g. one object can be relatively aligned to other object)

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