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Export Blender Animation 2D to Phaser


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Please check this Phaser example "Local json Object": http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=animation&f=local+json+object.js&t=local%20json%20object


Anyhow, I've seen a video *somewhere* where they show how to use Spine animation to animate a logo. PIXI (Phaser's renderer) seems to support Spine animations: http://docs.phaser.io/PIXI.Spine.html


Also, there is Dragonbones which is similar to Spine but exports animations from Flash instead: http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=animation&f=dragonBones.js&t=dragonBones


Both these tools should allow you to have a timeline just like you asked in your other post.


Hope it helps!




Forgot about Blender. The easiest way to export Blender animations is frame by frame. This technique is used a lot in isometric games such as those powered by Flare Engine,

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Ok, I have never done something like that before, but I'm going to give you a couple of good news:

  • That site uses PIXI and Tweens. Phaser uses PIXI and supports tweens.
  • The source code is easy to beautify but it will take time to understand it completely.

Can it be done? Yes. But (as you realized) it would be a pain in the ass to do manually. I doubt there are any blender plugins out there, so I guess your options are to try and export an animation from Flash (or) to try and export an animation from Edge Animate (or)  to try and figure out how to port FlashVHtml's system to Phaser.


I've seen other sites that do similar stuff in pure HTML5/CSS3 with DOM manipulation. You could check out that alternative too. I think Edge Animate is the best HTML5 alternative out there.


Good luck and sorry I couldn't be of any help!

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