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Weird "attach child" behavior ?


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OK !

Here's what is happening !!!




I created a sprite class for the tiles (ColorTile), and each object of this class will attach a graphics object as a child. 

In its UPDATE part, when sprite is clicked, it updates a colorText , and it checks if the currentColor == this TileColor and if so.... kills sprite.


- currentColor = RED.


In the main game (MiniGame) i create these tile objects and add them to a grid group .... all by calling the function respawnGrid();


2 Weird behaviors...

1- My code is supposed to be the same (before attaching child to sprite), but the grid now has additional spacing between them ( attached children are not positioned same as sprites ? )

2- If you click somewhere in the gaps after first column and before or after second row, it still behaves as if i am clicking a sprite (check the debug text) and if there is a red rectangle nearby, it might disappear... and also i click on some red tiles and they won't disappear. 


This is frustrating, is there some invisible sprites or something i must be missing ?


I Appreciate help.


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For debugging purposes, i enabled drag on the rectangles, and when i move some rectangles, other rectangles move.

I also let the parent sprite not to be empty ( added an image to it).


The behavior makes sense if you see it, but i don't know why it is happening !


(Try to drag one of the 'E' sprites, those are the parents )  :D


This is weird.  :huh:

Any help ?

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use a group to hold both the sprite and the graphics child.  A sprite is not supposed to hold any children. I don't know why pixi is even rendering them - they lose their world transformations so that you see them rendered at a position relative to the parent but absolute to the world.


In your case I would try to inherit from a Phaser.Group, not from Phaser.Sprite. Inside that group create whatever content you need. This should fix both of your problems. #1 is caused by the missing world transformations. #2 is happening, because you're clicking on the smaller graphics with the wrong position. Therefore the click is fine but the positioning is wrong due to #1.


I hope that helps. The next time you should create a more accessible and reduced codebase with something like jsfiddle. This will increase your chance to get feedback from the community. It's annoying to dig through a website.


Regards George

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Thanks George. :lol:


But if i want to create a graphics element that behaves same as sprite, what exactly should i add to the group...?

because i can't attachChild() graphics to a sprite....

( What's weird is... why does addChild() even exist in the Sprite class as long as it's not supposed to have added children :huh:,

   or maybe it's just my misunderstanding of what a child is  :rolleyes: ).


Anyway your support is very appreciated.

Thanks again. 

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