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Button should not start game

Simon Kirchner

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I have a little Problem. 

In my game is a button to mute the sound.

this.muteButton = this.game.add.button(this.game.width - 220, 50, 'muteButton', this.muteClick, this);this.muteButton.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5);

When the game screen is open the game doesn't start there is a little instruction. With one single click you can now start the game.

this.game.input.onDown.addOnce(this.startGame, this);

Now when I click on the mute button the game sound will be muted AND the game starts. But I only want to mute it.

Is there a possibility to separate the mute button from the game screen?


I look forward to your answer,

Thank you,


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