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cocoonJS question


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Hi everyone.


I have some pet HTML5 game projects that work great on my desktop, and on my phone.


I wanted to try and convert them to an android app, so used cocoonJS. Everything seemed to work well. I installed the app onto my phone using the android sdk, and it worked great. The problem came when I left the house and thus the range of my wifi, the app installed on my phone stopped working. The ludei flash screen shows up but after that I just get a white screen. I tested again when I regained internet access and it worked fine.


There is nothing in my code that requires internet access, and I am not sure why this is a problem. Has anyone else run into this issue before? or can anyone recommend a similar alternative.



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Hahaha, ok, sorry, pretty tired tonight :) 


Anyway, why do you install that app with the Android SDK? Why don´t you installing "normally"? Usually I copy that .apk to a folder (I have the TEST folder in my devices) and click on it.


I tried an apk with the wifi and data off and it works perfectly, are you sure you´re not loading externally a lib, asset...?

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