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Problem with examples

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Hello, i'm new to phaser and i'm very excited to started coding games with it but I've encountered a problem when i was trying to load the examples provided locally.


I can't run properly the basics examples, every other example runs apart from that ones and i don't know what to do, so if anyone could help me it would be nice.


One more thing, since i'm new i'm having a hard time setting up my development environment... I've already tried brackets, sublime text, webstorm and netbeans and i still don't know which is better so if someone liked to share how they work with phaser or point me to a nice guide to help me it would be great.




PS: Sorry for my bad english

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Could this be your problem?




I'm not a Phaser Developer but if you program a lot or plan to, I would entirely recommend you to use a general purpose editor, that way you don't have to switch environments each time you switch technologies, I have personally tried them all and I always get back to sublime text (with the vintageous plugin to make it feel more like Vim without loosing ST multi-selection capabilities) but there are a lot of options, you should try Atom too, the reason I stick with sublime text is because even if the plugin API is very limited, it has all the things I need, and also, ST is faster than Atom and all other browser based editors, which is sad because ST is a lot slower than other alternatives like Programmers Notepad, but of course all gets down to your personal needs and preferences, if you only have one screen and you are on Mac/Linux I would recommend giving Vim a try, but if you use multiple monitors and your workflow ends up around switching between windows you will probably end up like me using Sublime Text with full screen windows per project.


Good Luck

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Thank you for your advice since i'm used to work on android studio i will probably get webstorm a chance since they are almost identical but i also like sublime text but with sublime text i have to download a lot of plugins to make it work like i like and an web server is also needed while webstorm comes with everything i need. Maybe in the future i will move to sublime text i dont know.


Thanks you for your response it was a good advice, and good luck to you too.

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