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RenderTexture works in Chrome but not in Firefox


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Hello, I am building a game engine using Pixijs & SATjs and Tiled to construct maps. For optimization reason, I am rendering layers (DisplayObjectContainers) that contain tilemap sprites on RenderTextures with a following code:

bakeLayer: function(layer) {        var renderTexture = new PIXI.RenderTexture(this.width, this.height);        var sprite = new PIXI.Sprite(renderTexture);        renderTexture.render(layer);        sprite.alpha = layer.alpha;        sprite.level = layer.level;        sprite.position.x = layer.position.x;        sprite.position.y = layer.position.y;        sprite.parallax = layer.parallax;        sprite.name = layer.name;        sprite.tilemap = layer.tilemap;        sprite.collisionResponse = layer.collisionResponse;        sprite.baked = true;        return sprite;},

Now, in Chrome & Opera everything works fine:




However, in the Firefox I am getting the following result:




Now, in PIXI documentation I've read that "All DisplayObjects (i.e. Sprites) that render to a RenderTexture should be preloaded otherwise black rectangles will be drawn instead." However, if that was the case, neither Chrome nor Opera should have rendered it correctly. For the record, if I turn off the baking option, everything works fine in the Firefox as well.


A blue pipe is also baked and is on the top of the level display object container. Curious thing is that it's the only layer that is baked (rendered on rendertexture) that gets displayed correctly...

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