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  1. When using Android 4 and the Chrome browser, the index.html page for the Phaser 2 examples will not scroll past the 2 section heading/title lines of text for the animation examples. The farthest I can view is the title lines 'Animation' and '15 examples'. On the device native browser I can scroll the full list of 436 examples but examples like 'Click on an Image' in the 'Basics' section require several browser refreshes/reloads before they will work. Chrome runs 'Click an Image' immediately with no browser refresh required but I can't scroll down to see more examples other than Basics and Game
  2. Hi all, I'm doing my first project in Phaser 3 (3.22.0) and am running into a strange issue in browsers other than Firefox (so far Chrome and Safari). Occasionally, when I reload the page, either when running on a local server or on a web server, the game loads as a blank, black screen. Even after allowing the page to load for minutes, the screen remains black. There are no errors in the console, and I'm not able to reproduce the problem consistently. Sometimes, refreshing from the black screen loads the game normally, and sometimes it reloads into the black screen. Screenshots of normal
  3. Hi I've created a Chrome extension which allows people on the same browser page to chat. After install, just reopen the Chrome and press the "GG" button on the toolbar to enter the chat room. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nagging/neipknhfbgajiaiiollhocjpcdjfjaom
  4. Hi, I've faced situation when Chrome suddenly has started to render 3D in a very low quality ("pixelized"). This has happened only on my local web server and only with Chrome. IE, FF on Local Web => OK Chrome on BabylonJS playground => OK Chrome on Local Web => Low quality I've cleaned cookies and local data storage in Chrome, but that did not helped. Is there any way to restore normal rendering? Thank you in advance!
  5. I'm using melon 6.3.0 and I'm self hosting my game. If I run the game via Firefox, it works just fine. (I've also tested MS Edge and the latest version of Opera, they also work) However, when using chrome, the keyboard input acts as though it is 'stuck'. If I push one of the keys I have bound for movement to the left (A or the left arrow), the game behaves as though the key is still pressed even after it has been released. This makes it impossible to move to the right, as the game no longer seems to respond to pressing D or the Right arrow key. However, I can still press the spa
  7. Hi guys! I'm trying to learn Babylon.js. It's really cool! I created a simple configurator with a mesh imported from blender and works fine on localhost. However, when I put my files online, I can't see the meshes and the page remains blank. The Console returns this error: . BJS - [17:53:08]: Unable to import meshes from 3d/cube.babylon: Failed to load scene. t._ErrorEnabled @ babylon.js:4 f @ babylon.js:36 (anonymous) @ babylon.js:36 p @ babylon.js:4 XMLHttpRequest.send (async) s @ babylon.js:4 d @ babylon.js:4 t.LoadFile @ babylon.js:4 b @ babylon.js:36 i @
  8. Please try this playground, when you click on the balls, they will pop, and in the mean while a particle system will emit particles. This is working fine with Edge, but in chrome the particle system cannot restart for the 3rd click and so forth. And both the _started and _stop properties are set to "true", this is strange. : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7149G4#19 playground code: var createScene = function () { var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); scene.clearColor = BABYLON.Color3.Purple(); var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamer
  9. Question about keyboard controls. I'm working on a simple action game in Phaser CE, the player touches certain parts of the screen to do various actions. The mouse/touch input parts work fine and now I also want to support keyboard input for people playing on desktop. The problem is; the game is running inside an iframe and the keyboard input works correctly until the canvas loses focus. The game pauses which is correct behaviour, then I click inside canvas again, game continues and mouse input still works. But now the keyboard input is not working anymore. When the game is not running in
  10. I've noticed random drops of FPS in Chrome during a simple movement of a simple sphere. So I made a profile and the drop is clearly visible (suddenly down at 27 FPS). However, I have no idea what caused this to happen. There is nothing unusual to me within this profile. What can I do to dig deeper and eventually solve this problem? I doubt that it this is related with Babylon.js itself nor with my code... It's probably a Chrome issue - and it doesn't happen in Safari.
  11. Hello, I am getting a strange bug in chrome with the pointer lock API. When using chrome on windows 10, the mouse will randomly move to a new location as I move the mouse around. I have repeated this bug on seperate machines. Works fine on firefox. Here's a play ground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#H9FRSI#2. I removed the non chrome pointer lock stuff. Pointerlock code for chrome: scene.onPointerDown = function (evt) { canvas.requestPointerLock(); }; I would really appreciate any help on this! Thanks!
  12. hi everybody, I'm developing a browser game with pixijs, I have finished 90%. My problem is: as I distribute the game in the Apple Store or google play market. In this forum, I read that you use cocoonjs, but I don't want use it, because I have to change many things in the project (for example: canvas render, google font, etc...) My game runs fine in chrome and firefox browsers (mobile and desktop) at 60 FPS. I tried to compile the project with apache cordova (PhoneGap), but it run at 12 FPS. This my question on stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22011274/why-performance-w
  13. Hi, I'm having trouble getting QiCi to install/run. Successfully installed NodeJS - 9.9.0 After extracting the qiciengine-1.1.6.zip. Then running the start-win.bat file, prompt dialog quickly flashes on screen but I couldn't see what was displayed or have to to screen grab it. Also, the Chrome browser doesn't open the QiCi browser app as expected. Any help would be really appreciated. Initially had a lot of trouble downloading the qiciengine-1.1.6.zip. Kept getting errors, damaged or corrupt file... or something along those lines. Also, tried opening StartService.js via
  14. The skybox textures are not correctly displayed if I view it on my android phone. For reference: my phone is a One Plus 5T with Android 8 and Chrome 65.0.3325.109. I noticed it while trying to view my current little project on mobile (noxwings.github.io) I can confirm this happens with "3.2.0-beta.1" and "3.2.0-alpha7" and whatever the "default" version is autoselected on the playground. You can use the "tutorial" skybox playground to check it. I'm uploading an example image of what I mean. The side images are all switched. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#UU7RQ#1
  15. Yo Microsoft dudes Quick question - has anyone experienced scene window resizing issues with Chrome on iOS? I've been getting reports that when resizing our scene in Chrome iOS that the scene becomes warped, such that it's either too wide, too high, or a scale factor of the two. I was unable to replicate on my iPhone X but I could replicate on my iPad pro 10" - the scene loads fine to begin with but as soon as the device is rotated it goes to hell. It's been a right royal pain in the a-hole to debug Chrome on iOS but I did finally get somewhere using Vorlon, such that I can see
  16. I just bought phaser's virtual joystick plugin .I tested the bundled example files on my android 7 phone and found out that they work fine with Firefox but not with Chrome. The problem with Chrome on android is the joystick not showing,but I see black square in stead. I think the problem comes from Load atlas json,but cannot figure out how to solve this issue. Anybody know how to fix? Again,No problem with Firefox .
  17. Two different WebGL implementations (chrome on the left, firefox on the right) working side by side on Linux x64. Note the subtle difference in colors.
  18. Hey everyone, I have something weird happening with the game I develop. See in this test page : http://test.wazana.io/ ( it is a special preview for you! ) The materials of the units and buildings are flashing. I observed this behavior only on chrome (working normal on IE, Edge and Mozilla) and not on all computers I tested (maybe there is a problem with a specific version of chrome). I use BABYLON.MultiMaterial on units and buildings because they always have 2 colors so one material for each color. But when it flashes on Chrome, this is either one color or the other on the entire mes
  19. Hi, on Chrome 63 (12/12/17) there is a Pointer Lock bug. When trying to spin around 360 degrees, the camera angle will randomly snap back to start position. I filed a problem report with the Chrome team, hopefully it will be resolved soon. Just wanted to let people know. Thanks!
  20. Hi ive been making a game with phaser and ive set out my game to have each game state a separate java-script and then loads the js file when it needs game.add.tween(BlackFade).to( {alpha: 1}, 100, "Linear", true ) console.log(BlackFade.alpha) if (BlackFade.alpha >= 0.9 ){game.state.start('endGame');} WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:8125/' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED VM143:870 This is the error i get ^^
  21. Hello, I'm doing a project with Phaser (v2.7.5) and I have some issues trying to play videos with Chrome on Android (58.0). I've tried with several different tablets, it does not seem the problem is related to the device. The same code is working on desktop (Chrome & Firefox) and on Firefox Android. This is basically my code : var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create}); function preload() { game.load.video('videodemo', 'video/reward.mp4'); } function create() { var videodemo = game.add.video('videodemo'); vide
  22. Been already spending time to solve this problem. Your knowledge or solution to this problem is much appreciated. Thanks in advance Currently I am developing app using > **Phaser Frame Work** and encounter this problem when we put our assets folder to a different folder like we have our cdn. When loading the game assets to the same server it works perfectly fine. When we put our assets to a different server that will serves as our resource folder then our assets are not being loaded. Here is a sample of our preload function Prel
  23. Hi, I have a full-screen mode in my game and it works fine before Chrome update. This code still works fine on Firefox on the same device. I found also that http://phaser.io/examples/v2/display/fullscreen is not working in Chrome v56 too. Have you met this issue and how you fix it? I also will be glad if Rich give some answer/comments about this issue. If it will help you, I also found, that fullscreen works JUST if you click a border between the game and background (not the game and not a background, just a place where they connects together). Best wishes, NellyK
  24. Hi, does anyone knows what this warning means? [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7fbd8c95ea00]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0 I get it in chrome, looks like that everything works fine, but I wouldn't like to ignore it I tried to search for it and looks like it was reported for other libs also (threejs ...)
  25. Has anyone ever developed one? I am having trouble with background <-> front-script communication
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