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JS files remaining on the github repo


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I hardly started contributing to this wonderful framework.

I'm not really in the mainstream because I use tools like SublimeText for editor, git command line or smartGit for git client and my system is Linux.

Well, it takes every kind of people to make the world go 'round ;)


When I code TS and test it, I noticed my generated JS files with gulp typescript were sometimes different than the original BJS JS downloaded (git fetch/merge) files. Probably because minor TS compiler default setting differences in my Linux from the Windows versions. Don't really know.


But this has the consequence that git usually forces these differences to be commited. So for a single TS file modified, the whole bunch of JS files comes along with it in the PR. :wacko:


Now BJS is a full TS project, couldn't JS files just be considered as compiled objects (like .o files regarding to source files in C for example) ?


So my question is : are the JS files still really needed in the github repo ?

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Quick answer is, no individual files are a left-over artifact.  If people cannot read typescript, I suppose it serves as reference material.  I would not miss if they were gone.  Everything is double.


I saw how you were doing a blanket commit.  You need only do the files you want to change.  Myself, I do not commit the .JS files, nor babylon.js.  Git command line supports this for sure.  http://git-scm.com/book/en/v1/Getting-Started

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