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XMLHttpRequest Error, but still works?


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Currently i create my ground mesh from a height map which is created dynamically on the canvas with:

world_map = canvas.toDataURL();

This is then just passed to the CreateGroundFromHeightMap function, where it creates the height map. Everything works fine when i run this at the start of my program.


Now I'm working on rebuilding the ground in game, however whenever I run the same functions again everything still works (the new canvas height map is created, put into a dataURL and the mesh is constructed) but once all the other functions have finished I get this error:

XMLHttpRequest cannot load …gmrCfUWUWMxNTwxuXZjRsTzpS8riZwYmpFxXufWonXYPoMikF/INIzW/MAAAAASUVORK5CYII=. Received an invalid response. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access.babylon.js:3 BJS - [17:15:18]: Error in XHR request in BABYLON.Database.

I don't really understand why I'm getting this error when:

     a ) The image is getting used babylon without problem before the error is thrown

     b ) There is no error when i first run the process (and I'm disposing of everything as far as i can tell)

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A sneaky hint.  There is only one place in the framework that reports "Error in XHR request in BABYLON.Database"...




and of course...




A guy COULD localize (hijack) BABYLON.Database.prototype._saveImageIntoDBAsync function... putting it inside one's own code.  Put a little console.log in it to make sure the project is running YOUR new localized version.


Then fill that puppy full of alerts and logs and try/catch, and maybe you can see what's happening.  And maybe not.  :)  Once you "borrow" a function from the framework and get it into your own code, you can stick probes and sensors all over it.  Make it talk.

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