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A callback for camera collision ?


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I'm playing with an ArcRotateCamera and collisions and I wonder if I can be informed that collision occurs.

I'm simply using

scene.collisionsEnabled = true;camera.checkCollisions = true;myMesh.checkCollisions = true;

Works great, but I'd like to be informed when my camera collide with the mesh. Is there a callback system or something ? I didn't find such in the source code.

I could eventually use mesh.intersectsPoint() and define my camera position as the checked point, but that won't take the camera's collisionRadius in account. I can aslo create a non visible sphere, parent it to the camera and check for mesh intersecting with this dummy sphere, but that's not so elegant. Is there a direct way to know collision occured ?

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But if I have lots of meshes added on the fly, with camera collision system to call newMesh.checkCollisions = true at each spawn is enough to take every required meshes in account, but with mesh intersection system I'll have to check the dummy object intersecting with every mesh at each render loop... wouldn't that drop down performance ?

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