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Scenes vs States


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Hi all,


New to the forum and pretty new to HTML5 games as well.

I'm using Phaser for a game that I'm due to present in a week, it's a very lite RPG, but I still want it to incorporate the basics:

main menu, overworld, 1-2 cities to go into with maybe 1-2 houses each, a battle system and a menu.

They gave us 12 days to prepare it, and I spent the first 4 days writing it in LimeJS which was very easy to go between states/scenes, but the framework is not as powerful as Phaser and it's pretty dead.

I've been reading and understand how I can switch between states (from overworld to battle for example), but what I'm thinking is that going in and out of houses in a town should not be its own state and file, but rather a scene.

How could I approach this using Phaser? If you could help me out or point me to a good resource that would be awesome!


Thank you,




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