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Gravity scale update delays for one timer step


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I've been trying to make ground collisions for my using sensors, which means I've been having to handle collisions with the ground myself. I tried a couple things, first, I tried simply setting the velocity to 0 once I landed on the platform, but I would continue to fall through the platform.


What I'm trying now is setting the gravity scale to 0, and the vertical velocity to 0 when I hit the ground. Then, when I detect input that'll make me leave the ground, I set the gravity scale back to 1, and the velocity is set based on the input. The problem is that when I hit the ground and set the scale and vertical velocity 0, my velocity isn't 0. It's 26.xxxx, which I believe is the speed from one tick of the gravity force being applied.


I don't understand why this is the case, since I 0 the velocity  and set the gravity scale to 0, I don't think it would affect the gravity to make it non-zero. Is the physics gravity applied later, and the gravity scale not upgraded until later in the physics loop? All my changes are in my contact event handler, and I don't know where that is in the physics loop hierarchy.


If there is a better way to do these ground collisions, please let me know. I want to be able to drop through the platforms as well as land on them, and this is the best way I can come up with to do that.



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