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Efficient development in a team

Rudrabhoj Bhati

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Back after a long time spent in Website site development. Before I had always learned and worked almost exclusively solo. Getting back to where my passion truely is, I have formed a small team of three of us- two programmers and one graphic designer who happens to do music for the team too.

I am the lead developer, but team is not even in one city. Distance between me and other two teammates is 1200 KM  and between other two teammates is almost 2500 KM. So I want to know some other fellow member of the forum have exprience working with team in which there is a minimal physical contact?

How team coordinates and work is seperated and synced?

I have thought of a way, first programmers create the game with programmer graphics and later the artist would repalce it. But this might not be very efficient regarding time taken to ship one game, specially in today's increasingly competiting market.

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Hi there,


my advice would be to define a precise game design document. Then it should be possible to make the graphics and the develop the game simultaneously.


Furthermore you need a task managament tool, where you define all the task, who should do them, and the progress. https://trello.com/ is one such tool, and its for free.


I also advise you to have all the communication centralised, so either in the task management tool, or in something like a forum. If the communication is spread over several e-mails it will be difficult to keep track of all that was said.


Finally its important to define deadlines for each task, or the project will enver effectively go forward.


Hope that is helpful, have fun making games!



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