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Looking for awesome games that I can write music for!


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Hi everyone,


'Oh no! Another composer looking to post blindly onto a forum to advertise his services! And he only have 1 post!'

---Well yes and no.


Do I make music? Yes. Do I want to help make music for your project? Yes. Will I do it because I'm desperately in need of cash and only care about turning a profit ASAP? Hell No!


I'm looking to make incredible games with an awesome and fun group of dedicated game developers, not just for quick cash, but to actually make an awesome game and improve and deepen its message with music.


Feel free to check out my webpage for sample audio: http://www.derekchisholm.com


Or my soundcloud for the 15-track sample reel: https://soundcloud.com/derek-chisholm/sets/official-prismatic-wolf-productions-gdc-2015-showreel


I had fun making these samples because every sample was to a game I loved. I want to do that for your games as well. Email me ([email protected]) when you're ready to make your next game project come to life!




-Derek Chisholm

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