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Firefox 36.0 Blank Screen with preserveDrawingBuffer


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I'm creating a new game with the following call:


new Phaser.Game({width:1600,height:900,renderType:Phaser.AUTO,parent:'',preserveDrawingBuffer:true});


It works fine on a wide ranges of devices, OS and browsers, except for Windows running Firefox 36.0 (mac running firefox 36.0 works fine).


Older versions of Firefox also work fine.


On Windows, Firefox 36.0 the screen is blank but audio is played and the cursor changes to a hand over hotspots - it certainly seems like the game is playing but the screen it black.


With preserveDrawingBuffer:false then it works on Firefox 36.0 properly, except that part of the gameplay involves taking screenshots for printing and this no longer works without the preserved buffer...


Is this a known issue with a workaround?



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