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receiving the animation data has a json file and animate a model in b.js


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Hi !!!!!  I have made animations with blender and babylon.js with success for over a month now (if anybody needs help with the pipeline blender -->babylon.js give me a sign).  But now my question is : I am receiving the data from a Kinect 2 and the data are in format of a json.  The json give me two things the position x,y,z and the quaternions number 1, number 2, number 3.  So I have 6 animations data.  Is it possible to use does data and make move a character in babylon.js with those 6 numbers/informations without passing by a third party software (without Blender, just babylon.js).  I want that everything is done in my beloved babylon.js....  So Kinect 2 raw capture ---> json (an animation) with position and quaternions ----> movement of an avatar....





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Hi benoit,

If the Kinect capture data is in world coordinates and your object correlates to the actual size of the person using the Kinect more or less, you can use the raw data as positions of the certain body parts you are following.

I can say that it works wonderfully, but that sometimes a filter like a Kalman filter might be needed as the Kinect raw data is not too exact.

How you download the data is your thing. Just note that it's quite a lot of data and that if you want to use it on the internet and not only locally, you should compress the data on the server side and maybe avoid http request overhead with a websocket, as Kinect gives you 30fps of data.

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