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Animation error


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Hi guys,

I got a new problem.

A make a new animated character in 3dsMax. And when i import it on scene, it works fine, but when I try to start animation, I got this error in console:


TypeError: this._keys[(g + 1)] is undefined
Before I did a lot of any animations, and works fine. Looks like I have a wrong frame, or something like this.
I you want the character, I will send you in PM.
Thanks a lot.


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Hi bulisor!  Sorry to hear that you had problems with your export.


I think you should NOT delete this topic.  The exporter should not be so much of a problem.  I think this is an important issue. 


I don't know why the exporter is doing this, but maybe others will know why.  (thx)

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Hi. Usually the problem is me.  :P

Let me explain in few steps what happened.


I make animations in Maya. After that I import them in 3D Max, and from there export as babylon.

I Maya, in time configuration tab, I have at frame rate 24 FPS.

When I import the animation in 3D Max, here it has number of frames greater then in Maya,

because here frame rate is 30FPS.

And I change frame rate in 3d Max to 24FPS, to obtain the same number of frames

For little animations, about 30 frames, nothing happened, it works well.

Today I want to import an animation with 190 frames, and I got this error.

I started to change settings of animation in Maya, in 3d Max, and tested every change, until I found it " frame rate value"

I don't know how this frame rate influence animations in babylon, but if I change it to default value(30 FPS), animation works well.


I will try tomorrow Deltakosh. 

Thanks again

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