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Wwise vs FMOD


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So, many of you have probably seen this question before. I'm a composer, and I'm looking to do some interactive music and sound design. The big two choices for audio implementation programs are Wwise and FMOD. I love FMOD's interface and it works great on my mac, but I've heard that Wwise is the more powerful of the two. So, which would you say is better, which works best on mac, and which is most compatible with Unity and Unreal?


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Both have different work flow, and different ways of doing things. It really depends on the project which one is better suited.


I think they both currently work equally as well with both unity and unreal.


What I'd suggest is designing an interactive score and then use both tools to implement it and see what you think. Do the same with the sound design too. That way you'll have a personal experience of what it is like to try to use both and what their merits are.


Also for Unity - check out Fabric. http://www.tazman-audio.co.uk/ - native middleware for unity.

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