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Working on a new game - should I chose Phaser 2 or Phaser 3?


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I'm at a puzzle now whether I should start working on the dev branch of phaser 3 or start with the good old phaser 2 engine...

Right now I know Phaser 2 is much more mature and much more documented and supported.


On the one hand, we always strive for the best performance and structure. On the second hand, this could take months until we have a stable version, plus I don't use anything outstandingly heavy in the game I'm planning to create (But heavily built on states).


Am I right to assume it's better to still keep writing games in the old Phaser 2 engine?

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You can't use Phaser 3 yet, it's miles away from being ready to create a game in (right now we're still hammering through the new renderer, but absolutely nothing else is in place yet).


So yes, Phaser 2 - however I'm very very close to releasing Phaser 2.3, which has a whole raft of updates in it - performance related, feature related and build process related. It's a huge upgrade, so I'm taking my time to ensure it's right, but it's in the dev branch at the moment.

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