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Hi all,


another question (still working on the sprite stuff from another question, but in the meanwhile); how can I include a ttf file for Pixi to use. It seems that every example I see does not work for me. It is a ttf file that is not available standard in browser, it needs to be included.


If anyone can provide me with a an example, just the basics, I'd be very happy :-)



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Pixi use the canvas to draw text, so the same requirement for using external font are needed, I found this post on stackoverflow which explain how you can use css @font-face to make a font available for the canvas to use.




If your font doesn't work make sure it has been preloaded:



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Of course, a font is only useful as a bitmap font if you use it in one or two fixed sizes, and if the font does not have too many glyphs (i.e. unicode).


For other cases, there are multiple great online tools that generate font files for the different browsers and a nice piece of CSS code you can put in your site to load them. I've had good experiences with FontSquirrel myself.

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