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Changing SSAO strength


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The ratio parameter in the constructor can be either a number or an object.

The object can contain two values:

var ratio = {    ssaoRatio : 0.75,    combineRatio : 0.75}

Maybe try playing with the combineRatio, might be what you are looking for. leave the ssaoRatio the same as the ratio you are using now.

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RaananW, I've already played with those values but without noticable effect (maybe I did something wrong).


Luaacro, what a great news!

And do you think there is a way, regarding WebGL limitiation, to reduce the "textile effect" that superimposes above whole canvas when activating SSAO ?

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The SSAO uses 2 passes :

- SSAO pass

- Combine pass (that combines the SSAO pass with the original scene color)



var ratio = {    ssaoRatio : 0.75,    combineRatio : 0.75}

ssaoRatio represents the ratio of the SSAO post-process (that is usually done in a lower ratio)

combineRatio is the the ratio of the Combine post-process.

If you set the ssaoRatio lower than 1.0, you'll win performances


In the SSAO pipeline there is 2 blur post-processes : Horizontal and Vertical.

To remove the "textile effect" you can get the blur post-processes using getBlurVPostProcess or getBlurHPostProcess and modify the blur width and/or direction etc :)

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