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I am new here and wanted to ask what framework is the best to use for games.

I already started a tower defense game that is purely JS without a framework and was kind of thinking where to head now as I managed to display the map and the enemies and made them move the path.


Before I dive even more into the programming I would like to know if I should choose a framework ( and which one ) and port my code there and continue from there.

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If you want to realize your game in  less time , You can try PhaserJs. I'm sure you will like it. It has amazing futures like particle system , physics(box2d, arcade and p2), game States(load, menu, play), tilemaps, sound  etc ,  beginner friendly , powerful  and it's fast.  Probably, the best html5 game engine(framework) . In addition , it has tones of examples with large comunity.  http://phaser.io/.

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