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pbr lighting support ?


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BTW, one of the most important aspect of using PBR is not the rendering quality, it's the fact that's a completely standardised pipeline.

Materials are defining "physical properties" and not visual aspects, so data are really bound to the material itself, and do not depend on the object. So one can create materials libraries usable across projects and engines, with the same correct render look for objects sharing the same material, and that's priceless!

Even if we can achieve the same rendering quality with current StandardMaterial, PBR would still be a great addition to BJS.

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And to add roughness/glossmap to StandardMaterial would also be very usefull. For instance, currently we need to define many cubemaps to correctly simulate different kind of materials, leading to a huge cost in http requests, having the ability to define the amount of reflection blurriness would save a lot of textures loading.

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Yes, since we have a StandardMaterial, that implies one day there will also be other kinds of materials in the engine :P. Seriously, a PBRMaterial would be the way. This material would be an alternative to StandardMaterial, usable with every PBR materials libraries still existing. It would use the shader algorithms typically used for PBR. Don't know if it's complex to implement since I've never had written a shader, but I'm sure all the algorithms are open source and easily accessible since it's standardised.

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I want to support this (We already have glossiness in specular map alpha). I just need a specular map with alpha to test reflection blurriness :)


It's good to have a map controling reflection blurriness, but in fact we also need to be able to control the reflection intensity (not just by a float like fresnel parameter but really via a map).

In fact it would be smart to use the specmap as intensity and glossmap as blurinness for both speculars and reflections (because we barely associate specular and reflection - specular is simulated via reflection to obtain good quality, same principle as in PBR - and when associating both, the used map is generaly the same).

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I'm totally new... Am I right that there's no support for IES profiles? (I see "Lights" section on Blender exporter page , and I see no IES). Blender recently (May 2018) started to support IES luminaire profiles in dev 2.8 version. If no IES support yet, when do you plan to introduce it?

(I am not interested in materials properties, I only need a very specific angular lighting distribution)


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