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Setup pixi build system ... browserify?


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Hey there,


I´m starting a not-so-small pixi project, which is also my first pixi project.


I downloaded pixi and found that the basic gruntfile setup included in the package is not very helpful.

Why is there no simple runnable example included.

Flambe (just for example) does a very good job at this point so it´s much easier to start developing than with pixi.


The pixi examples are fine but why is there no real-life example like Flambe´s shmup example to really get you started and see best practices by example ... 


Enough whining ... 

Is it possible to setup Pixi with browserify in grunt (or without) or what is your approach to molularize your games?


All the Tutorials i´ve seen include several js-files in the index.html which I don´t think is a  professional approach.

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