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GPU fps decrease : help needed


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Sorry, but I can't reproduce this in the playground because :

- it's too big

- there are dependencies to other script (ajax calls : a call each 30", etc)




I use Chromium with chrome://flags and I enable the fps display.

Moreover, I use the debugLayer to check.


If you run the script and don't touch the window then for minutes, you'll see the fps will decrease after a while from 60 fps to 25 fps (here) without any action. Same values in the debugLayer.


And same behavior with FF.


I tried to monitor the resources with the web dev tools, but just couldn't get what did that : no GC calls, nothing created, etc.

Is the IE more pertinent ? or anyone knows what to monitor better than me ?


Any idea someone ?


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Hi, I don't know what is the prbolem, but I think I know where is :)

here:  scene.registerBeforeRender(function() {, you have too much "hard updates", a lot of loops, matrices, and it is not ok. Comment lines from this function line by line, and you will find the problem. Sorry, but i can;t do more. 

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well yes


but the amount of computation is stable along the time : not more, not less.

Exactly the same.

Nothing changes.

I event test with no cam moves. The browser windows is open, I just let it run the render loop for minutes.


That's why I don't understand why the fps rate remains stable for minutes and then decreases at a certain moment : don't get what triggers this behavior.


I don't ask that you people read the full code which is too long here... but if you have clues about the possible reasons of fps slow down (knowing nothing changes in the render loop from the start of the script) or a way to monitor what could trigger this big decrease (with web dev tools or anything else), please let me know

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very weird : I just can't reproduce the problem at home on my old laptop

fps keeps stable : only a small decrease each 30", the time to handle the ajax request, then gets back at initial value ... 30 fps in FF and Chromium  :blink:


Don't really get why it fell down at office with the strong computer (from 60 fps to 25 after 4' doing nothing at all, both with FF and Chromium).

Did anybody experienced the same behavior : open the link, let the browser opened for 4' doing nothing and check if the fps then crumbles.


I monitored at this time (when it decreased) as well in Chromium and FF but nothing was visible : no memory leak, no GC work, well no value at all were different after than before the slow down

Maybe something GPU side ? need to check at office tomorrow.


BTW, I noticed that if I ran two browsers, FF + Chromium, with both active windows (so requestanimationframe really called) simultaneously the fps tends to decrease in each one.

Maybe the same canal to GPU used at the same time ?

Some other windows besides the browser have sometimes a direct effect on the current browser fps also. I work on a double 1920px width desktop (dual head video card) running unity window manager (ubuntu) + compiz, so usually many opened windows and display fx.

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