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Tutorial problem


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It has been a while ago since I used pixi last time, so please help me.

For simplicity, I tried to get the tutorial code to work:


I copy-pasted the code correctly, and adjusted the pixi.js path.

However, the entire screen goes black, and I  get in FireFox Web Console the error:

"TypeError: PIXI.Stage is not a constructor".

I host it here, some shady free webhost, I don't blame you if you refuse to see it haha: http://paperclip.netai.net/


Any idea what I couldve done wrong?

I use the latest version, I downloaded it today off github.

The only thing I can think of is a problem with the <script> tag part, but I checked multiple times and the link is correct.

Help please?


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Maybe use the full file.


Or even better start using v3:


Your Pixi.js file only has some declarations + the sayHello method. The rest of the lib is missing in your file.

Dammit im stupid... imma try that and see if it works, ill reply after it

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